Spider-Man Unlimited

The logo of the show shown in all 13 episodes.

Spider-Man Unlimited is a short-lived animated series that starred on Fox Kids. It focused on comic super-hero Spider-Man. The series was mainly about Spider-Man's encounters after he crash-landed on Counter-Earth, which was just discovered. It aired in mid-1999 and ended it's run in early 2001. It has a small cult following as many websites focus on this series. It aired 13 episodes, the last one ending on a cliff-hanger. The series was created by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Running TimeEdit

Fox Kids began airing the show for the first time on October 2, 1999. In all, only 13 episodes were aired before the series was ultimetly cancelled on March 31, 2001. Only one season was planned, although several scripts for season 2 was written that were never produced. Spider-Man Unlimited aired on Disney's Jetex for a time until Disney XD began airing all thirteen episodes, and still currently airs it. An unaired episode of seaon two, however, is available on multiple websites. The series was added to Netflix Instant, and is currently viewable there.

List of EpisodesEdit

Season OneEdit

In all, there are thirteen episodes of season one. They are:

Season TwoEdit

So far, there are several websites that contain the famous unaired episode of season two. Though this may not be a true episode, websites have aired it many times. The one episode of season two is:


  • This show was picked-up for a comic-run with the Spider-Man Unlimited Comics. Unfortunetly, the comic adaption received poor ratings, and was cancelled after only three issues.
  • This show and Spider-Man 2099 have many things in common.