Spider-Man in the series.

Spider-Man was the main charater of Spider-Man Unlimted. He is relatively different than the regular version of Spider-Man. It is hinted in the series that he may have a crush on Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones. Similiar to the the regular version, Spider-Man works for the newspapers. He works for the Daily Byte, the Counter-Earth version of the Daily Bugle. He originally intended to visit Counter-Earth to save John Jameson, but when he refused, he joined the Revolutionaries. Spider-Man is the primary enemy of the High Evoltionary and the Knights of Wundagore.

Differences Between Spider-Man Unlimited and Spider-Man/DescriptionEdit

There are many differences between the Spider-Man Unlimited and the regular Spider-Man. The suits are relatively different, as the Spider-Man Unlimited made his out of nano-techology. The Spider-Man of the TV series has hair that is remarkably similiar to Ben Reily's hair, possibly made as a homage to him.


Originally Spider-Man wore a suit similar to his traditional one, but changed it in episode 2, because Sony Pictures had already reserved the rights to use the traditional suit.

This version of Spider-Man uses nanotechnology designed by Reed Richards (it was never clarified if he stole it or if Reed Richards lent it to him.) which can be triggered by a clock and includes stealth technology and sonic weaponry. Spider-Man mentions that the stealth mode heats the suit too much, therefore can only be used for limited amount of time. This new costume was created exclusively for the series, although it also appeared in the Earth-616 when Spider-Man fought Blastaar in the Negative Zone alonside the third Dusk. This suit can also be unlocked in the 2000 Spider-Man videogame and Spider-Man: Enter Electro videogame.


  • Spider-Man did live on regular Earth for a while until Episode 2.
  • Spider-Man is still in love with Mary Jane, as shown many times in the series as a running gag.
  • Spider-Man may also be in love with another Revolutionary, Karen O'Malley.