John Jameson

John Jameson as shown on the series.

John Jameson is a secondary character and the leader of the Human Revolutionaries. He is tough and also only intended to visit Counter-Earth and return, until he crash-landed and stayed. He hates the High-Evelutionary and will do whatever it takes to stop their plans. He was experimented on by the High-Evolutionary and became half-human, half-bestial. His bestial form comes as Man-Wolf. He has not been in love with anyone on Counter-Earth throughout the series. He is the son of Jonah J. Jameson


John Jameson has a tough personality and can be quick to draw his weapon. His hair to reddish-brown and he wears a blue shirt with brown work-pants. He wears boots.


  • Jameson has a symbol of a moon on his arm, possibly a gag considering that were-wolves usually become were-wolves on the full moon.